Riot Points Generator

How to Get Free Riot Points Using RP Code Generator

riot points generatorIf you are here because you are looking for a working Riot Points hack program with real results than you are on the right page. After spending few months perfecting our generator algorithm we are finally able to release the stable version of our League of legends hack program. We have developed this application since several months ago with hundreds of beta testers from various countries to ensure that our tool really works in delivering free RP codes to all the users.

Let’s watch this video first to see the working proof of our RP hack works and how you can redeem the code to your account.

Virus Scan

What is & How This Program Works

As the name implies, this program is basically a generator with single purpose only, generating free RP codes that can be redeemed on your LoL account so you can buy those game packs without spending a dime. This application works by exploiting secret security bugs found on LoL data server which allow our team to put specific scripts we can use as a gateway to access their admin account. By having an admin access we can imitate their codes generating algorithm and use it to develop this hack program. This application uses similar generating algorithm so the codes are identical hence they will be valid when redeemed on your League of Legends account.

Of course the provider will keep releasing new security updates as well as improvement on their algorithm to make sure programs like our hack tool can’t work and reducing their profits. That’s why we have to keep updating our program as well. In this case we are pretty lucky we have hundreds of beta testers, as well as incoming new users, that will soon notify us whenever this League of Legends hack tool stops to work or when the codes generated are not valid. This way we can release new update as soon as possible without even doing our own daily test routine.

Our Program Is Secure and Safe

Anonymous. We have implemented anonymity feature on our Riot Points hack by integrating anonymous proxy which is connected to our auto updated private proxy database. It will cover your real IP address so the provider won’t be able to trace you back since you’re basically connected from different countries around the globe. The IP address used will be different on every single run. It will also help on making this RP code generator almost impossible to detect so they can’t see any suspicious activities due to the use of this application.

Random Code Value. We decided to make this RP hack tool to deliver random amounts of funds on it. You will not have an option to choose code with certain amount of fund on it. The available funds on each code will be random on every single run. The purpose is to keep your account safe from their suspicious activity detection system since you will redeem different amount of funds on every code. It will also make this program runs a lot faster since it will simply deliver any valid code without taking the value into consideration.

Virus Free. We guarantee that our Riot Point generator is clean and virus free. You can verify it by visiting above Virus Free Proof link before you download this application. Additionally, this tool is developed as a standalone application that can run without installing anything. This way you don’t have to worry about getting your machine infected with dangerous programs and files.

No Login. This Riot Point generator doesn’t need your login or password details. This program is just a code generating tool and the codes generated are not account based. It means you will not need to worry about your account safety and at the same time, the code can be redeemed on any account. You can use the free codes on your own account, give the code to your friends, or anyone you want.

So, if you want to play LoL game to the max but don’t want to spend your hard earned money to buy those virtual stuffs, I’m sure the free RP code generated by this hack application will be the best answer for you. Download our latest version of Riot Points Generator from the download button above, and enjoy the game.

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